Welcome To NextLevelChess. 

Hey there, I am Noël Studer, the youngest-ever Swiss Chess Grandmaster. I won more than 10 Swiss Championship Titles and was a professional Chess Player from 2015-2021 with an all-time high rating of 2588 FIDE.

Now I am a Coach and Chess Author. My Mission is to help Chess Lovers from different Levels and Backgrounds improve their Chess. I do this by writing articles, a weekly Newsletter, and by creating Video-courses.

I’m convinced that with the right mindset & tools, everybody can improve their Chess. My goal is to help you be the best version of yourself and reach your full potential.

Let me help you bring your Chess to the Next Level.

My Latest Blog Posts

Top 3 Things I Learned In 2021

Top 3 Things I Learned In 2021

Since starting this blog in March 2021, I learned a lot. Putting my thoughts into words has been a tremendous experience. I also got a lot of great feedback from my readers, which helped me to...