Chess Training Planner

Chess Training is a marathon, not a Sprint. Yes we will get bursts of motivation when suddenly we feel like training 5 hours a day. But that is mostly not going to last long.

What matters most is that you find a consistent schedule that you can follow every week.

To make that much easier, I created the Chess Training Planner. This Planner helps you to set-up a suitable schedule, track your training & learn from the training in the most effective way.

 Throughout my whole career as a professional Chess Player I tried to plan my upcoming week of training & look back on what I could do even better after the training took place.

I needed to do this in Word, as there was no suitable planning resource available. I’ve now put all my experience planning Chess Training in this Planner to make Life easier for you!

Chess Training Planner

Improving Your Chess In 4 Steps

The Chess Training Planner consists of 4 simple parts:

  • A guide to using the Planner in the most effective way
  • Weekly Planning
  • Daily Notes
  • Weekly Review


In the Introduction you will find Tips & Tricks on how to most effectively use the Planner. You will learn what to pay attention to when planning your training (only 6 days/week allowed, you should rest on 1 day!).

And how you can learn the most after you finished a training session.

If after reading the guide anything is still unclear, you can just reach out to me by writing me a mail ( and I will help you personally to get the most out of the Planner.

Weekly Planning

In the weekly planning section you plan every training session of the upcoming week.


Because you are much more likely to actually do the training once you plan it by writing the exact time down!

No more “I wish I would have studied more this week”.

With the help of the Chess Training Planner, you will actually do the training, not only talk about it!

Using the Chess Planner will also help you prevent Chess-Burnout. Training too much is as bad as not training enough.

By having one day off every week you will make sure to recharge your Batteries and come back with even more energy & wish to study the next week!

Daily Notes

Once you made sure you will really do the training, ticking off the done training session in the Daily Notes section is pure pleasure!

In order to ALWAYS IMPROVE your training, you will be able to write down the #1 thing you learned and rate your focus. By doing this daily you will immediately understand if something starts to go wrong.

It is natural to get distracted during training. Using the daily notes section you will be able to immediately spot patterns for distractions & make sure they don’t happen again in the future.

Chess improvement also includes improving the QUALITY of your Training. The higher the quality, the faster & more efficiently you will improve.

Last but not least, you will be able to answer some important Question about your past week of training.

By writing down your wins & what you learned this week you will mentally go back to the most important parts of your training.

This will help you stay positive & remember more of what you learned for a longer time.

As we all are not perfect, you will be able to write down improvements for future training sessions to ensure a constant improvement.

Not only in your chess game, but also in the way you train Chess!

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