Beginner Chess made simple.

No matter if you barely know the rules or have already spent some time studying chess: improving your game can seem like an overwhelming task.

There are so many things to learn that you might not even know where to start.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Raising your level as a Beginner Chess Player can be simple. And fun!

If you focus on the right things and learn the Beginner fundamentals you can improve rather quickly.

What you need is to get this information bundled in an easy to digest way, aimed at players below a rating of 1200 online.


Beginner Chess Mastery, everything you need to know to reach 1200 online

On March 19th I will release the only Beginner Chess course you’ll ever need.

I will set the new standard for a simple, easy-to-follow way to go from Beginner to Intermediate Chess player.

If that’s what you want, join the waitlist to get additional, behind-the-scenes information about the course.

Every Tuesday, starting from February 6th until the launch on 19th of March, you will get some additional information about the course.

Keep improving,